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Pets Vuitton

KARRIER Space Tube Pet Carrier Bag

KARRIER Space Tube Pet Carrier Bag

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Pets Vuitton's Karrier Space Tube, a collections of backpack carrier with a small side compartment. Tinted front cover with side holes, allow your pet to have a comfort environment while staying inside. This Karrier is crafted from oxford cloths to keep it simple as daily essentials. There's a wooden board provided below cushion pad, to ensure the shape of karrier always the same.


› Cats: 3kg ~ 7kg
› Dogs: 2kg ~ 4kg



› Glass Material: PC shell
› Bag Material: Oxford fabric cloths
› Size: 42cm(H) x 33cm(L) x 29cm(W)
› Weight: Approx.1.3kg


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