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Pets Vuitton

KARRIER Space Capsule Pet Carrier Bag

KARRIER Space Capsule Pet Carrier Bag

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Collections of pet carrier bag from Pets Vuitton's. Design inspired with the structure of space capsule for pets. Built with tinted PVC cover as an filter to block certain sunlights into th bag. There's also ventilation holes crafted along the carrier, improve air circulation while mainting comfort airflow for your pets.


PET STAYS WITH YOU ALWAYS - Specially designed for outdoors and travel, you can use it to carry small dogs or cats for biking, hiking, camping, outdoor walking or meeting friends




› Cats: 3kg ~ 7kg
› Dogs: 2kg ~ 4kg



› Glass Material: PC shell
› Bag Material: Oxford fabric cloths
› Size: 42cm(H) x 33cm(L) x 29cm(W)
› Weight: Approx.1.3kg


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