About us

Story begins


At 2023, our founder adopted a kitten, Miku , which definitely been attracted with her tiny meow. As a baby kitten, eat & play is a nature of them, you could hear the meows for a whole day.

It's normal to receive a meow-scream alarm at every 5am of the day, just as because Miku is hungry, and you've to get out from the bed, and pour the kibbles into her bowls.

In a sense, we realized that this might be an issue for most of cat-dopters, they might have no time to take-care of their pets, or they would neglected to feed their pets due to a busy & repetitive lifestyle.


Our Missions

Thus, here comes to innovative, to solve our pets' needs, and also pet adopters lifestyle and joy of it.

Research Smart Pet innovations has been our directions to help more adopters and they lovely-pets